Cocopotamus Chocolate

Honest Ingredients


Our Ingredients: Gluten-Free, Fair Trade Chocolate

Responsible CocoaCocopotamus gourmet chocolate truffles are crafted with love & care. They are always FRESH, HANDMADE, and ALL NATURAL. No wheat, gluten, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial stuff, or preservatives. Ever.  The chocolate we use is non-GMO, with No Transfats, and we only use chocolate couverture from Fair Trade sources.

Passionate about making the purest & most amazing dark chocolate fudge truffles, we seek out the highest quality natural and organic ingredients. Handpicked, obsessively! Because only the best world ingredients bring our dark chocolate fudge vision to life. Here's a glimpse of some of them...

Dark Chocolate Couverture - Our special blend of dark chocolate couverture from Belgium and Switzerland. Chocolate perfection.

Darkest Cocoa - Rich Fort Brut extra dark cocoa powder from Switzerland makes our chocolate even deeper and more complex. So sublime, this dark cocoa smells like heaven and has athe deep bronzed hue of an old-fashioned chocolate Devil's Food Cake.

Pure Dairy - Whole milk from fresh natural sources. We don't use butter or cream. Our special technique based on French caramel making techniques give Cocopotamus chocolate fudge truffles richness, without the high fat.

Natural Sweetness - Natural cane sugar is our go-to sweetener, and we use it judiciously to keep Cocopotamus truffles less sweet. For special touches, we love gourmet Hawai'ian Turbinado sugar

Organic & Natural flavors - Flavors include organic lemon & orange from California, organic black raspberry from the Pacific Northwest, Canadian maple, and red chili from Chimayo in Northern New Mexico.

Exotic Touches - Exotic touches include pure rose water from the Mediterranean. Chambord raspberry brandy and Kirsch cherry liqueur from France. Pure vanilla and canela cinnamon from Mexico. Dark rum, from the Carribean island of Martinique. Fragrant cardamom from India, earthy ginger from Thailand, and gourmet fleur-de-sel sea salt from France.

Java & Tea - Our java? Dark-roasted espresso, 100% Arabica bean and small-batch roasted. Our tea? Ceremonial grade Matcha green tea from Japan or Earl Grey with Bergamot from England.

Just a few of our amazing ingredients. We love to use them in our Cocopotamus chocolate creations!