Cocopotamus Chocolate

Why Cocopotamus?

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Every Cocopotamus chocolate truffle is hand-crafted, one truffle at a time. Our truffles are made only with the highest quality, fair-trade, and gluten-free chocolate couvecture.

Wholesale chocolate truffles are available in bulk chocolate and in a variety of truffle boxes for fine retailers in the U.S. and Canada. Our Wholesale Catalog is available upon request.

Why Cocopotamus for Wholesale Chocolate?

Cocopotamus gives chocolate fudge a modern spin by using high quality dark chocolate, and French chocolate-making techniques to create a smoother, more sophisticated chocolate.  The result? An all natural, gourmet chocolate fudge with no preservatives, no corn syrup, wheat-free and gluten-free.  Our chocolate truffles are 100% handmade in small batches. It’s always velvety smooth, melt-in-your-mouth, and less sweet than old-fashioned chocolate fudge.  Perfect wholesale chocolates for modern consumers.

Unique Chocolate Flavors

Our large number of wholesale chocolate flavors in the Cocopotamus line of chocolate truffles gives your store the flexibility to cater to different target customers and different seasons. All our wholesale chocolate products are certified shelf stable. Shelf life is minimum 16 weeks from the date of arrival in your store. Not sure what wholesale chocolate flavors to pick? Give us a holler anytime. We can help.

Questions? Ready to start a Cocopotamus wholesale account? Contact Us.