Cocopotamus Chocolate


Which truffles are gluten-free?

ALL of our chocolate, vegan, and caramel truffles are gluten-free, always. We only make gluten-free products.

What are the ingredients in the truffles?

We only use the highest quality ingredients that we find in nature - absolutely no chemicals, nothing artificial, nothing we can't pronouce.  Of course, everything we use is always gluten-free. For a list of our ingredients and the nutritional values, go to the All Truffles page, select a flavor, then click on the Nutritional tab.  To learn more about the making of our truffles, click here.

How do I keep the truffles? Refrigeration?

Our truffles are certified shelf stable. You can keep them at room temperature between 55 degrees and 72 degrees. No refrigeration is necessary unless the temperature gets too warm where you are.

How long will the truffles keep?

The chocolate truffles have a shelf life of at least 4 months from the day you receive them, as long as you store them properly in a cool dry place.

Do you make any vegan chocolate truffles?

Yes. We currently have three vegan chocolate truffles: Ronald Vegan, Darth Vegan, and The Vegan Mary. Aside from being vegan (no dairy), they're also gluten-free and oh-so-delicious.

What's the most economical way to order your truffles?

If you're ordering for yourself and don't need fancy packaging, try ordering the chocolate truffles in bulk. They're exactly the same truffles minus the fancy boxes so you can save a few bucks.

How long does it take to receive my truffles?

We ship Monday through Thursday. Our minions, Dave, Stuart, Jerry, and Jorge, work very fast (well, maybe not Jorge). We usually get things out within 24 hours after we receive your order except when the weather gets too warm. In those cases, we'll then hold your order till the following Monday to make sure that the chocolate can get to you within the same week. We strongly prefer our chocolate to melt in your mouth, not in a FedEx warehouse. The ground shipping travel time varies. In most cases, it's about 3 business days. Shipping to the east coast (e.g. NY, MA, FL) is 4 business days.

Why no Ground Shipping during the Summer?

The ice pack that goes out with your chocolate during the summer can last only about 2 days when the destination weather is scorching. Ground shipping simply won't work when the temperature in those trucks can add another 6 to 8 degrees to the already warm weather. So Express Air shipping is our only option to get the truffles to you safely.

Do you accept returns?

Due to the nature of our products being handmade and unsealed (and in case of wholesale orders where products are made to order), unfortunately, we cannot accept returns.