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Gourmet Chocolate in All 50 States of America

Gourmet Chocolate and Gourmet Fudge in the 50 States of America

Gourmet Chocolate in Alabama

Here's a fun chocolate Fudge Chews recipe sent to Cocopotamus Chocolate from Birmingham, Alabama.  We love the texture and chewiness, and of course the gourmet chocolate fudge flavors! But we must offer this small suggestion.  Alabama, what do you think of swapping the pecan halves on top of these Fudge Chews for some semisweet chocolate chips?

Gourmet Chocolate in Alaska

If you are passing through Homer, Alaska we hear there's a quaint place with lovely views that chocoholics might be drawn to.  The little B&B is called the Chocolate Drop Inn.

For many dessert and chocolate lovers, when we think of Alaska what comes to mind is the gourmet dessert known as Baked Alaska. At Cocopotamus Chocolate, we make a fun version served with Cocopotamus Chocolate hot fudge sauce .

Gourmet Chocolate in Arizona

Gourmet chocolate fans in Arizona are proud of a local state chocolate feature.  It is a place called Chocolate Butte.  Cocopotamus Chocolate naturally wondered, is Chocolate Butte by any chance located on the banks of Fudge Falls?  Nope, turns out Chocolate Butte is near Paria Creek!

Gourmet Chocolate in Arkansas

Cocopotamus Chocolate was happy to hear that the love of gourmet chocolate is alive and well in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  The town is the proud host of an annual chocolate festival that includes plenty of chocolate tasting. 

Gourmet Chocolate in California

Nutrition Professor Carl Keen of the University of California (Davis) is thought to be one of the first scientists to identify the helpful, healthy flavonoids in chocolate.  Way to go, California!

Gourmet Chocolate in Colorado

Cocopotamus Chocolate has heard tell that out in Colorado, people like to spread marshmallow fluff onto chocolate fudge and then sandwich it with graham crackers.  They do this to mimic an old recipe called Colorado Chocolate Pie.  The original apparently involved ice cream in a sort of frozen chocolate sensation, but we agree that using Cocopotamus Chocolate fudge takes things to new heights!

Gourmet Chocolate in Connecticut

Gourmet chocolate lovers in Connecticut tell Cocopotamus Chocolate that one of their favorite chocolate indulgences is a chocolate milk shake.  But, they disagree as to which part of the state has the best.  Is it Fairfield?  Or maybe Manchester?  How about New Haven?  The jury is still out.  One thing is for sure, the good people of Connecticut appreciate great chocolate.

Gourmet Chocolate in Delaware

Gourmet chocolate lovers from Delaware report that a relatively new chocolate festival is held during the holiday season in Dover, Delaware.   In its 2nd year in 2007, the Chocolate Festival  including a 4 foot tall milk chocolate Santa Claus.  Sweet.

Gourmet Chocolate in Florida

Cocopotamus Chocolate hears from a chocolate lover in St. Petersburg, Florida that she is partial to those fun chocolate oranges that are sold at Christmas time. After trying them in Europe, she was hooked.  The combination of orange flavorings with chocolate caught her eye because of Florida's wonderful orange crop.  Chocolate and orange are one of our favorite combinations, too!

Gourmet Chocolate in Georgia

We admit, at Cocopotamus Chocolate we have heard this fun tip before.  (In fact, we baked 3 of them for Thanksgiving!)  It is a "Georgia Pecan Pie", which means adding some good quality chocolate into your favorite pecan pie recipe.

Our favorite way to do this is with dark chocolate chunks or semisweet chocolate chips.  Last year we served it to friends from Texas for whom pecan pie is sacrosanct.  A few moments of trepidation over how it would be received, but we are happy to report that chocolate won out in the end.  The Georgia Pecan Pies studded with generous helpings of gourmet chocolate were a hit.  We even made one with dark cocoa powder mixed to the ooey-gooey pecan filling, too.  They looked burnt due to the dark color, but the flavor was chocolaty and outstanding.

Gourmet Chocolate in Hawaii

Of all our wonderful 50 states, Hawai'i is the only one where you can make chocolate using cacao that is grown locally.  That's right, the Big Island of Hawai'i has a cacao crop.

Gourmet Chocolate in Idaho


Gourmet Chocolate in Illinois

Cocopotamus Chocolate has been told that the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has gotten into the fun study of chocolate.  Their study is a fun retreat hosted at the country estate home of the son of the famous Chicago stockyard baron Robert Allerton.  Chocolate experts and a nutritionist delve into all the chocolate facts you might be craving! 

Gourmet Chocolate in Indiana

Many Indiana natives have shared with Cocopotamus Chocolate that they have a special regional variation of fudge.  Called Penuche, it is fudge made with plenty of brown sugar.  They are surprised to hear that not everyone eats it, because it is one of their favorite kinds of fudge.

Gourmet Chocolate in Iowa

A family of gourmet chocolate fans from Des Moines, Iowa shares their grandmother's favorite tip with Cocopotamus.  Homemade divinity candy tastes extra wonderful if you dip it in dark gourmet chocolate.

Gourmet Chocolate in Kansas

Greek-Americans are proud to report from Kansas that some of that state's first chocolates were made by immigrants from Greece.  That reminds us...Cocopotamus Chocolate has long been dreaming of a Baklava pastry-flavored fudge, so we'll keep working on that. 

Gourmet Chocolate in Kentucky

Kentucky tells Cocopotamus Chocolate that it shows its state pride and its love of chocolate in one delicious fudge concoction.  Holiday "rum balls" get a local twist, when the gourmet chocolate is paired with bourbon.  Sounds like a winning combination.

Gourmet Chocolate in Louisiana

Many dessert lovers know that New Orleans, Louisiana and the whole state in general are well known for that nutty candy called pralines.  Cocopotamus Chocolate hears 2 fun tips from New Orleans about this. 

First off, Louisiana says we must learn to pronounce their sweet treat "prah-lean", and not "pray-lean".  They say if we mispronounce it, no one will serve us because they simply won't know what we're asking for.  Point taken! 

Next, we have gotten some fun yet mysterious "recipes" for genuine Louisiana praline.  The thing is, no one wants to reveal their actual recipe.  They just tell us general things.  The basic ingredients are said to be brown sugar, sugar, cream, and pecans.  The variables that might or might not be added?  Vanilla, coconut, and rum as some of the favorites.  But the biggest secret of all is that gourmet chocolate and a pinch of salt bring out the best flavors of all.

Gourmet Chocolate in Maine

Here's a unique fudge idea Cocopotamus Chocolate hears from Maine.  Use blueberries (we hear they should be wild Maine blueberries, no less) and use them in white gourmet chocolate fudge.  Intriguing...

Gourmet Chocolate in Maryland

Maryland of course is one of our favorite chocolate states.  Why?  Because it is in Baltimore, Maryland where fudge was reportedly invented.  For the full story, check out History of Fudge here at Cocopotamus Chocolate.

Gourmet Chocolate in Massachusetts

This fun fudge flavor idea from Massachusetts sounds perfect for Cocopotamus Chocolate at Halloween.  It is quite stunning in its simplicity:  pumpkin fudge.  Check our CocoBlog to read about how we tried it!

Gourmet Chocolate in Michigan

Call it a chocolate tradition.  Northern Michigan residents share that they have long had a love affair with old fashioned American fudge.  They are open to trying something new, too - like modern fudge from Cocopotamus Chocolate. 

Gourmet Chocolate in Minnesota

Minnesota native Joanne Fluke sets her mysteries in the fictional town of Lake Eden, Minnesota.  Each book in her series features tons of gourmet chocolate recipes (among other great desserts) from the fictional cookie owned by her heroine.  What a great combination of local recipes and imagination.

Chocolate in Mississippi

The muddy state of the Mississippi River has long made Mississippi and chocolate come to mind together.  Cocopotamus Chocolate has its roots in our award-winning restaurant chain, NYDC (New York Dessert Cafe) where this recipe has long been a best-seller: Mississippi Mud Pie.

Chocolate in Missouri

Missouri natives are proud to boast of a chocolate flower.  Cocopotamus Chocolate was surprised to hear about the "Eupatorium rugosam Chocolate" (also called a Chocolate Ageratina), a lovely yellow bloom.  The bright color is not fudgey at all, but the scent?  The heavenly aroma of non other than...chocolate!

Gourmet Chocolate in Montana

Gourmet chocolate lovers in Montana tell Cocopotamus Chocolate that their favorite thing to eat with gourmet chocolate fudge sauce is this unexpected fruit:  huckleberries!  Who knew?  Thanks for the clever gourmet chocolate idea, Montana.

Gourmet Chocolate in Nebraska

Here's a fun and exotic chocolate tip from Ord, Nebraska.  Cocopotamus Chocolate's dark chocolate fudge goes great with Japanese green tea.

Gourmet Chocolate in Nevada

Here's another chocolate chip cookie baking tip, this time from Nevada.  Cocopotamus has heard that gourmet chocolate lovers there use brown sugar in place of white sugar.  And, they reduce the amount of sugar by 1/4 cup and add 2 Tbsp of dark corn syrup (any brand) or molasses to their chocolate chip cookies.  Chewy!

Gourmet Chocolate in New Hampshire

New Hampshire natives tell us that in the old days, after "sugaring off" (making homemade maple syrup), some people liked to make fudge sweetened with maple syrup.  It was a way to use up last year's batch of maple syrup, before starting on the new batch!  Cocopotamus Chocolate sometimes pairs maple syrup with toasted nuts in a white gourmet chocolate fudge.  We love the subtle sweetness of the maple syrup with gourmet chocolate.

Gourmet Chocolate in New Jersey

Many of New Jersey's fine denizens - including the legendary if fictional Soprano clan - are of Italian descent.  Gourmet chocolate lovers of all backgrounds in New Jersey report enjoying an Italian-inspired Christmas treat that is very chocolaty.  Cocopotamus Chocolate hears it is the traditional candy called Torrone, half dipped in dark or milk chocolate.  For the uninitiated, torrone is a wonderful nougat made with honey, egg white, and plenty of nuts.  Gourmet chocolate would make a fine addition to that starting line up, and what a great Christmas treat.

Gourmet Chocolate in New Mexico

Cocopotamus Chocolate is proud to say our home base is Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.  One of our local New Mexican chocolate inspirations was the creative use of gourmet chocolate here for items such as New Mexican Hot Chocolate.  Click to get our original Cocopotamus Chocolate recipe.

Gourmet Chocolate in New York

Gourmet chocolate has never been "out", but these days it is more "in" than ever.  National hub of all that is hip?  Whether you agree or not, New York is showing lots of the latest gourmet chocolate trends.  Check out New York City's Chocolate Show held in late fall, it is a true chocolate lovers event.

Gourmet Chocolate in North Carolina

Cocopotamus Chocolate hears that Moorhead City, North Carolina is the proud host of an annual chocolate festival.  Nice work - the proceeds go to charity.

Gourmet Chocolate in Ohio

At Cocopotamus Chocolate, one of our favorite Grandmas hailed from Ohio.  We love to remember her through her favorite state chocolate, which she called Buckeyes.  They are peanut butter fudge balls enrobed in chocolate.  Our favorite version is to use gourmet dark chocolate, which makes a great contrast with the sweetness and nuttiness. 

Gourmet Chocolate in Oklahoma

Cocopotamus Chocolate has been proudly informed that the annual Norman Chocolate Fest in Norman, Oklahoma is ranked as one of the top 10 food festivals in the nation.  Now that is impressive gourmet chocolate work, Oklahoma. 

Gourmet Chocolate in Oregon

Oregon held its first-ever Gourmet Chocolate Festival in March, 2005. Here's a fun idea sent in from Eugene, Oregon.  Substitute hazelnuts (also known as filberts) in your favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.  Hazelnuts are native to Oregon and are a huge crop there.  Their complex and earthy flavor is a great compliment to gourmet chocolate.

Gourmet Chocolate in Pennsylvania

Did you know that "Pennsylvania Dutch" is a misnomer?  This is actually a group of Americans of German descent, including many who are Amish or Mennonite.  Cocopotamus Chocolate hears that they have a knack for whipping up wonderful gourmet chocolate fudge frosting such as this.

Gourmet Chocolate in Rhode Island

Here's a fun gourmet chocolate tip sent to Cocopotamus Chocolate from Providence, Rhode Island.  After popping your popcorn and buttering it, sift a mixture of cocoa powder and powdered sugar (confectioner's sugar) over it.  We at Cocopotamus Chocolate are excited to try this chocolate lovers tip!  Sounds perfect for movie night.

Gourmet Chocolate in South Carolina

Here's a radical chocolate idea from BBQ lovers in South Carolina.  They say when making BBQ sauce for basting meat, add your favorite hot fudge sauce (we know we are biased but of course at Cocopotamus Chocolate, our favorite is our own!).  Apparently 3 tablespoons per batch is just right to add that subtle depth of flavor and special delicious touch only chocolate can provide.

Gourmet Chocolate in South Dakota

Word is, the thing to do at the South Dakota State Fair is hit the hot dog stand and get yourself a nice cold chocolate milk to go with it.  Cocopotamus thinks this suggestion from South Dakota shows great pride in those Dairyland roots.

Gourmet Chocolate in Tennessee

Chess pie is a Southern classic, not just in Tennessee but also in Georgia, Alabama and the Carolinas.  Here's a fun recipe for a chocolate version, Chocolate Chess Pie, which Cocopotamus Chocolate picked up from a newbie to Knoxville.  Apparently neighbors there think this pie makes a great gourmet chocolate gift for a newcomer.  Now that's a welcome wagon.

Gourmet Chocolate in Texas

Chocolate lovers in Georgetown, Texas shared a rather special chocolate recipe.  Cocopotamus Chocolate has found out this unique dessert is a chocolate cake both made and glazed with Dr Pepper soda pop.

Gourmet Chocolate in Utah

Big gourmet chocolate fans in Provo tell Cocopotamus Chocolate that they like to make "chocolate snowballs" by adding dark cocoa powder to any recipe for coconut macaroons.  They say the chocolate flavor is intense when paired with the coconut.

Gourmet Chocolate in Vermont

Just like gourmet chocolate and fudge lovers in New Hampshire, Vermont wants us to know how delicious maple syrup fudge can be! Cocopotamus Chocolate agrees. 

Gourmet Chocolate in Virginia

Fairfax, Virginia is the proud host of a Chocolate Lovers Festival each February, just in time for Valentine's Day season. Cocopotamus Chocolate loves the fact that this chocolate festival lasts 2 whole days - yum!

Gourmet Chocolate in Washington

Here's a great chocolate idea from a state well known for its sweet, crunchy apple crop.  This tip comes from Tacoma, Washington.  Try dipping apples in gourmet chocolate instead of caramel, to make sweet treats for fall.

Gourmet Chocolate in West Virginia

Huntington, West Virginia  hosts a chocolate festival that is so special it even includes a chocolate loving contest.  Yes, it is the "Miss & Mr Chocolate" competitions. 
Now that is showing good love of chocolate, West Virginia.

Gourmet Chocolate in Wisconsin

One place in Wisconsin calls itself "Chocolate City, USA". Cocopotamus Chocolate likes that kind of town spirit!  Burlington, Wisconsin is the proud host of an annual Chocolate Fest and takes its chocolate pretty seriously.

Gourmet Chocolate in Wyoming

The word from Wyoming is that over in Buffalo Bill country, they like to top their holiday nut brittles with a layer of gourmet dark chocolate.  At Cocopotamus Chocolate, we love the idea of combining nuts with gourmet chocolate or gourmet fudge.

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