Gourmet Chocolate Across America – Great Gourmet Chocolate Recipes!

Great ideas from real people who love to bake with gourmet chocolate & make fudge

America loves chocolate.  And boy, can we bake with it!  In fact, baking with gourmet chocolate and making gourmet chocolate fudge are the top things we do in our kitchens.

Fun, creative, and of course delicious gourmet chocolate recipes are floating around.  There is plenty of overlap from state to state.  But, there is also a lot of original regional or local style.  What are people doing with gourmet chocolate across these great states of ours?

Down in Alabama, they have created the “Jumbo Pecan Fudge Pie” using fresh local pecans.  The idea is basically a classic pecan pie with gourmet fudge base to it.  The theme of pairing pecans with chocolate is repeated in other Southern states including Texas, where they had the great idea to literally use their regular pecan pie recipes but throw in a cup of high quality chocolate chips or chocolate chunks.  At Cocopotamus, we’ve tried this with nice gourmet dark chocolate chunks.  And just because you can never have enough gourmet chocolate, we also threw in ¼ C of dark cocoa powder.  The result?  The Thanksgiving crowd we tried it on raved about Gourmet Chocolate Pecan Pie. 

The Southwest has some fun chocolate ideas.  In New Mexico, people make a version of the popular gourmet chocolate “Turtles” using toasted pinon nuts.  In Arizona, you can find cake molds in the shape of cactus.  Gourmet chocolate layer cake comes frosted with green icing to complete the desert effect. 

California’s reputation for sunshine and oranges mixes surprisingly well with gourmet chocolate.  Case in point, the Gourmet Chocolate Sunshine cookie.  It’s a yummy recipe that combines chocolate with fresh squeezed O.J. and plenty of orange zest.

Another gourmet chocolate cookie is one that seems to be popular all over the country.  It is the Chocolate Crackles, a wonderful gourmet chocolate cookie with tons of flavors and texture.  The generous dusting of powdered sugar on top of the Chocolate Crackle makes is a pretty cookie, too.

On the East Coast, cheesecake reigns supreme.  NYDC’s Double Chocolate Cheesecake is an example of how cheesecake and chocolate can merge into a truly decadent dessert. 
Another popular use for chocolate in this region is the Black & White Cookie, particularly popular in New York City.

One cookbook which is a fun resource for more recipes with chocolate is The Great American Chocolate Contest Cookbook:  150 of the Best Gourmet Chocolate Recipes from the National Contest, by T.K. Woods.

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