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wholesale chocolate, truffles, vegan, chocolate gifts, gluten freeGourmet Chocolate Truffles, Gluten-Free Chocolate & Vegan Chocolate, Wholesale Chocolate by Cocopotamus

Wouldn't the world be a better place if we could all remember the pure joys of childhood?  People were people.  Fun was fun.  And chocolate fudge?  That's what was for dessert.

We've left our chocolate-covered childhood behind, but we still choose to enjoy each day of our lives. Chocolate is our joy. Cocopotamus Chocolate creates joy through fudge-filled gourmet chocolate truffles, expressing the new America through the flavors of the worldPure, fresh & all natural chocolate fudge truffles using the best chocolate & ingredients - made by real people, for real people.

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And when we say fudge-filled gourmet chocolate truffles, we’re talking about a chocolate experience that spins the old-fashioned American tradition in a delicious new direction. Rich. Creamy. Melt-in-the-mouth. Made in small batches, our handmade gourmet chocolate truffles are always fresh. The best chocolate and caramel, bursting with gourmet flavors from exotic places. All our chocolates are handmade,  gluten-free, and all natural.  We also have the best vegan chocolate in deep dark truffles.

The pure fun of chocolate truffles is back. Rustic, down-to-earth, &  best gluten free chocolates, gourmet chocolate truffles, vegan, wholesale chocolate, wholesale chocolate trufflesunpretentious. Gourmet chocolate truffles. Everyday chocolate. Everyday joy.

best gourmet chocolate, truffles, best chocolate, gluten free chocolate  Cocopotamus Chocolate.
  Fudge happens. Have a ball.

best chocolate, wholesale chocolate, gluten free chocolates, gourmet chocolate truffles, academy awards, oscars, swag bagOur Chocolate Truffles: All Natural. Handmade. Gluten-Free (selected vegan chocolate available).

Cocopotamus gourmet chocolate truffles & caramel truffles are always FRESH, HANDMADE, ALL NATURAL, and GLUTEN-FREE (selected flavors are vegan chocolate).

Yes, Sir. Every ingredient that we use to create our chocolate truffles are GLUTEN-FREE, WHEAT-FREE (with selected vegan chocolate). No artificial stuff we can't pronounce. No chemical preservatives. No corn syrup. Ever.

We pick our ingredients only from natural and organic sources. Our gourmet chocolate truffles are made from the highest quality dark chocolate couverture.  Wholesale chocolate truffles available for retailers.

Learn more about the ingredients we use in our handmade, gluten-free chocolate.

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gourmet chocolate, best truffles, chocolate gift, wholesale chocolateGourmet Gluten-Free & Vegan Chocolate Truffles for Retail and Wholesale

Hey chocolate truffle and fudge lovers, want information on fine chocolates, gourmet chocolate truffles, chocolate gifts, gluten-free chocolate, vegan chocolate, our chocolate shop factory, and everything sweet & delicious? Check out our chocolate blog:

wholesale chocolate, gourmet chocolate truffles, gluten free chocolate truffles, gluten free giftsFacts about all things gourmet chocolate truffles, gourmet fudge, wholesale chocolate, and more. Gourmet chocolate and fudge recipes, traveling for chocolates, working with gourmet chocolates and fudge in the kitchen.