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Funny Fudge Sayings

Top 18 Funny Fudge Sayings

1.  Get thee to a fudgery.

2.  Get up, stand up.  Stand up for your fudge.

3.  Fudge to the world.

4.  'Tis better to have fudged and lost than never to have fudged at all.

5.  Take 2 fudge and call me in the morning.

6.  Carpe fudge.

7.  I may have fudged, but I did not inhale.

8.  May the fudge be with you.

9.  If at first you don't succeed, fudge, fudge again.

10.  Fudge, the final frontier.

11.  It's fudge, Jim, but not as we know it.

12.  Be fudge now.

13.  E=MC Fudge

14.  Live your best fudge.

15.  Mi fudge es su fudge.

16.  It's not over til the fudge lady sings.

17.  I'm pro-fudge & I vote.

18.  Make fudge, not war.