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Chocolate: Our World Of Joy

Our passion is simple: to make handmade chocolate truffles so good that you go "WOW" and smile.  Then you want to share that smile, that joy, and that delectable taste with family and with friends.  Smiles all around.

When enough people smile every day, we have a better world - a world where we are more connected to each other.  It's our joy to share the joy. Chocolate is the golden chain that connects us all.

Cocopotamus Chocolate was founded in 2009 to play a small part in uniting the people of the world. Inspired by the joy we received from our world travels, each of our truffles reflects real people and real cultures.  From Indian chai spices to Italian espresso; from Japanese matcha green tea to British Earl Grey. Each truffle crafted by hand in small batches. We hope you feel it's a smaller world as you come together and share in the best chocolate we have to offer.

Cocopotamus is a small family-owned business. All truffles are hand-crafted using only all natural, gluten-free, non-GMO, and fair-trade chocolates.  

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