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How The World Is One

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Chocolate Is The Golden Chain

Many people ask us the pressing question, is Elvis still alive?  Wait, not that question.  The "other" pressing question: “Why did you start Cocopotamus?” Well, aside from the fact that we wanted to keep the great American tradition of chocolate fudge and to put a modern spin on it. But we do admit to having a SECRET mission as well.  A mission that's much, much bigger than just making decadent chocolate truffles (read our story).

Here's the thing...and we’re going to get uncharacteristically serious for a moment here.  As human beings, we all crave connection. We need family, friends, and community to make us happy & whole.  To make us productive and joyful. It is our belief that valuing and understanding other cultures can help make the world a better place. For decades we have lived abroad and traveled, meeting people largely through their cuisines & cultures. We’ve shared our own backgrounds and the yummy things we’ve picked up along the way. The joy of food is how we connect with other people. It’s also how we help connect others to each other.

So our secret mission is simple at heart: Chocolate, it’s how the world is one.

For Cocopotamus, chocolate is the medium. What better food to bring the people of the world together? Look at our Cocopotamus chocolate flavors and you’ll see that we’ve been inspired by the traditions of America, by the regions of this country, and by the countries of the world. Guess where each flavor inspiration came from, or check our list to see the whole story!

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