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Plain Jane - Pure Dark Chocolate Truffles

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Pure Dark Chocolate Truffles

Meet Plain Jane,  a simply delightful new face here at Cocopotamus. She may not be the beauty queen, but she's a keeper!  Zen-like in her pure simplicity, Plain Jane is absolutely for purists: deep, dark chocolate fudge that keeps it real at around 63%.  The true flavors of our dark chocolate really come through in this artisanal truffle.  Plain Jane is simple and unadorned:  for those minimalists who begged us for "pure chocolate"!  The dark chocolate fudge truffle is simply hand-dipped in more dark chocolate with no frills added. Pure & simple.

Honest Ingredients: All natural gourmet dark chocolate fudge truffles.  Gluten Free. No Corn Syrup.  No Preservatives.  Always Fresh.

Personality: Sweet, simple country gal.

Flavor Profile:  Zero distractions. Zen-like dark chocolate fudge truffles for purists.

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gluten free chocolate truffles nutrition information

INGREDIENTS: Cocoa Paste, Whole Milk, Natural Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Powder, Natural Vanilla Extract, Vegetable Oil, Sea Salt, Vitamin C, Soy Lecithin.

CONTAINS: MILK & SOY. May contain traces of tree nuts.

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