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Cocopotamus Chocolate
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  • Darth Vegan - Vegan Black Coffee Truffles
  • Ronald Vegan - Vegan 70% dark chocolate truffles
  • The Vegan Mary - Vegan Caramel Truffles
  • Chocolate Truffle Gift Box

CocoVegan Mixed Vegan Truffle Set

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CocoVegan Assorted Vegan Truffle Gift Set

A special vegan truffle collection from Cocopotamus, CocoVegan showcases our 3 amazing vegan chocolate and caramel truffles. Starting with Darth Vegan, a vegan black coffee chocolate fudge truffle and moving on to Ronald Vegan which is a 70% dark chocolate vegan fudge truffle. Next comes The Vegan Mary, a vegan salted caramel truffle. All Cocopotamus vegan truffles are handmade, vegan (of course!) and gluten-free.  Darth Vegan has our usual soft creamy truffle texture, while Ronald Vegan is firmer (don't bite it, suck it!) and The Vegan Mary has a silky texture inside its delicious dark chocolate exterior.

5 truffles each of Darth Vegan (Vegan Black Coffee Truffles), Ronald Vegan (70% dark vegan truffles) and The Vegan Mary (vegan caramel truffles), in individual boxes.

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Box Quantity:
15 truffles

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