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Chocolate Truffles: World Inspiration

Chocolate Truffles: Flavors of the World

Here in the CocoKitchen, we create our handmade chocolate fudge truffles from a variety ofinspirations. We start with wanting to keep alive the great American tradition of fudge - albeit a modern version! We draw flavor ideas from All-American food traditions, and from regions of this country. But we don't stop there. Why, the world is our, our chocolate! Here's the global story behind the yumminess:

All-American inspiration created these Cocopotamus chocolate flavors: Cupcake classic dark chocolate truffle, Holy Cow dark-dipped milk chocolate truffles, and Santa's Addiction peppermint dark chocolate fudge truffles.

The American Mid-West and Grandma's pies gave us the idea for Love Potion #10 dark chocolate truffles with organic strawberry + cinnamon.  California had us dreaming of Lemon Shiver, our organic California lemon dark chocolate truffles.

The Southwestern USA inspired Hottie, our dark chocolate fudge truffle with cinnamon + New Mexican red chili (or chile as we say here in Albuquerque!)  Mexico was part of the spark being Hottie as well,and also behind Naked Hottie dark chocolate fudge truffle infused with Mexican canela cinnamon.  

The Pacific Northwest had a hand in Bo Peep, our 88% dark chocolate truffles with organic black raspberry. Likewise Razzmanian Devil, which also makes us think of France with its organic black raspberry and Chambord raspberry liqueur.  Also inspired by France? Mr. French & his blushing bride, Mrs. French - of course! Mr. French is topped with gourmet fleur-de-sel sea salt, and Mrs. French also has French almond.

Earl Grey Jones is as proper a truffle as a pot of good tea in England.  Ireland is the spark behind Kiss Blarney, our peppermint + rum dark chocolate fudge truffle.

Canada inspired our best-selling maple dark chocolate fudge truffle, Blame Canada, which merges puremaple syrup from Canada & Vermont.

In the Caribbean, we dreamed of Yo-Ho-Ho made with dark rum. Latin America inspired one of our newest flavors, E=MC Squared, which are triple shot Columbian dark chocolate truffles.

Hang Loose island coconut dark chocolate fudge truffles were created with a Hawai'ian state of mind. Still in tropical mode, the amazing gingers in Thailand led us to invent Gilligan's Fave ginger-infused dark chocolate fudge truffles.

Thailand wasn't the end of it. Asian-inspired truffles are some of our favorites. From China, we created Gung Ho Mandarin orange + ginger dark chocolate fudge truffles. From Japan, it's Sumos Never Sleep truffles with Japanese matcha green tea.

Italy inspired our espresso-based truffles Cuppa Joe and it's cousin, Godfather with espresso + almond and rum. From Germany we created Planet Marz, our dark chocolate truffles infused with almond + Kirsch cherry liqueur.

We drew on the Middle East for our Rosie Posey dark chocolate truffles infused with Lebanese rose water. We were also thinking of India, because we adore the Indian rose water drink called bandung! Also from India? Our Ommm... dark chocolate truffle with chai spices, organic orange + Triple Sec orange liqueur.

Some of the inspiration we're feeling right now for future chocolate includes flavors from Greece, Italy, France & England. Not to mention, our own backyard! So keep your chocolate taste buds ready...