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Cocopotamus Chocolate
  • CocoLasVegas - assorted truffle gift set with liqueur
  • Yo-Ho-Ho: Caribbean dark rum infused in dark chocolate truffle. Yeah, kinda like a straight shot.
  • Godfather: Italian espresso, rum and almond dark chocolate truffle.  Keep your friends close; your enemy closer!
  • Planet Marz: Fragrant toasted almond & Kirsch in a deep, dark chocolate truffle.
  • Bubblí©: champagne truffles
  • Humpty: egg nog caramel truffles with brandy
  • Razzmanian Devil: raspberry brandy dark chocolate truffles

CocoLasVegas Chocolate Truffle Set with Alcohol

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CocoLasVegas Assorted Truffle Gift Set - contains alcohol

We don't know which is more sinful.  Going to Las Vegas or indulge in our CocoLasVegas decadent chocolate truffle gift set with multiple jolts of liqueur. We say bottoms up. CocoLasVegas Liqueur Chocolate Truffle Pack includes:

5 pc box each of: Yo-Ho-Ho (Caribbean dark rum), Godfather (Italian espresso, rum and almond), Planet Marz (toasted almond and Kirsch), Bubblé (champagne), Humpty (eggnog brandy), and Razzmanian Devil (raspberry brandy). Total 30 luscious chocolate truffles with liqueur.

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