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History of Fudge

Chocolate Fudge: An American Invention

Culinary legend has it that fudge was invented in America.  On Valentine's Day, 1886, a confectioner and chocolate maker in Baltimore, Maryland "fudged" a batch of French caramels.  The delicious result?  The very first batch of "fudge" ever.

In France they say that caramel and fudge are "cousins". Fudge is also similar to French fondant candy. 

American fudge is a simple, rich and luscious indulgence.  Many people across the country have special family recipes for fudge.  Often times it is remembered as a favorite that "Grandma used to make".

Not all fudge is chocolate, however the chocolate fudge variety is the most popular.  Chocolate fudge is often thought of when people hear the word "fudge". 

Some people mistakenly believe that fudge is a British invention.  There are versions of fudge in the Midlands region of England as well as in Scotland.  However, even the most well-known fudge maker in Britain likes to set the record straight by clarifying that fudge is a uniquely American invention!

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