Cocopotamus Chocolate


What A Few Celebs Are Saying About Our Chocolate Truffles

teri hatcherTeri Hatcher was desperate for more Mrs. French, the "housewife" of the day. She flipped over the Cocopotamus! "I am so careful what I eat. But this Cocopotamus chocolate! I am going to stock my entire cupboard with this chocolate, I love it so much."



jenniferlovehewitt.jpgJennifer Love Hewitt (The Client List, Ghost Whisperer): "Ooooh! This chocolate is so fun. I love Cocopotamus!"




jackie weaver loves sumos never sleepOscar nominee Jacki Weaver ( "Animal Kingdom") literally hopped with excitement over the Cocopotamus flavors. "Ooh!" she squealed, "That's put a spring in my step!" Her fave flavor? Sumos Never Sleep.



janeGlee's Jane Lynch needed no coaching on her answer: Fave Cocopotamus? Kiss Blarney! "Fantastic chocolate! My kids love it, too!"



malin akerman loves blame canadaMalin Akerman (Inferno, Couples Retreat, The Proposal) couldn't get enough Cocopotamus. "My favorite is Cocopotamus Blame Canada," the actress said. "I absolutely love it!"




Reno Wilson (Mike and Molly): "Damn, that's good! I love this chocolate!"



Morena Baccarin (Homeland, V): "This is fantastic chocolate. I'm so amazed by the flavors. Now I know what to give as a gift - Cocopotamus!"



jamie pressleyJaime Pressley (My Name Is Earl, I Love You Man) was elegant and sophisticated. Her fave? Cocopotamus Mrs. French. "Incredible chocolate!"



tony shalhoubCocopotamus' favorite star, Monk's Tony Shalhoub loves so many flavors. Tony gushed "The Godfather - that's the one that does it for me!!!"



lauren velezJames Manos Jr (directer/creator of Dexter) and his wife, actress Lauren Velez (the formidable Lt. Maria Laguerta on Dexter) were fun & charming in person. Lauren loves Hottie (of course!) the best of all. Cocopotamus introduced Lauren to the Hottie tasting experience & she flipped!



cheryl lee ralphRegina King (Southland) loves Hottie. "Cocopotamus is to die for. They know chocolate!"




jennifer finniganJennifer Finnigan - co-star of one of our fave shows, Better With You. We had so much fun with her and her husband, actor Jonathan Silverman! "This chocolate - OMG, it is amazing!" says Jennifer.



cheryl lee ralph

Cheryl Lee Ralph (Moesha): "Oh my goodness!" She loved Cocopotamus so much, she gave Max a huuuuuuge hug! Fave flavor? Our super dark chocolate, Bo Peep.



cheech marinCheech Marin kept us laughing as he devoured Cocopotamus Hottie and Cupcake. "Oh, man that's good!"




dule hillDule Hill (Psych) is a fave of ours. We had no hidden pineapple, but he hung out with us & loved the chocolate. "My favorite is the Hottie. That's some good chocolate!"



nicole ari parker

Nicole Ari Parker (The Deep End, Soul Food, Imagine That) says "OMG! Cocopotamus is crazy good!"



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