Chocolate: Feel Good

What's Good About Chocolate?

There are several substances in chocolate which make a person feel good.  These include:

Phenethylamine - the same substance that our brains produce which gives us a happy feeling

Anandamine - which makes a person feel somewhat joyful and euphoric

Mythylxanthines - which slowly boost a person's energy level

There are also substances in chocolate which are healthy and good for us.  These include:

Polyphenols - the same wonderful antioxidants provided by red wine

Magnesium - needed for energy and for muscle relaxation

Copper - an essential mineral needed in addition to iron, so our bodies can make haemoglobin

Cocoa butter - which stays liquid at normal body temperature instead of clogging up our arteries in the way that animal fats can do

Antioxidants - high levels of these, needed to help our cells "age gracefully" if much at all!

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